Our Customers Images

This photo was provided from one of our Customers who bought this fabulous fitting to go in the entrance hall of their Halifax Nursing Home.

Thank you to our customer for sharing these beautiful pictures of this statement light fitting hanging over his minstrel gallery, gorgeous!

This picture has been supplied by another happy customer "Winniedot Lingerie" in Hebden Bridge

We shipped this Chandelier out to Spain for our Customer. It comes in 50cm increments and is perfect for a Statement Staircase piece.

How fantastic does this Pendant look.
Thank you so much to our lovely customers who sent this in for us to see the fitting in situ, in their beautiful living room.
Link to Light fitting on our Website

One of our lovely customers has sent images of their newly renovated home. They bought a whole range of lighting from us, including all the Lighting you can see and Downlights. I think you'll agree, it looks spectacular!

Link to Lighting Range on our Website