Price Match Guarantee

We won’t be beaten on price


We strive to offer much more than great prices and excellent customer service. But we don't want price to be a reason you shop elsewhere. If you find any other lighting retailer has the same product at a cheaper price, we`ll make every effort to match it. 

All you need to do is make a note of the product number, its price and the competitor you want us to match. It is necessary you provide the website links to the items. We will then verify and match the price and get back in touch with you.  You can either do this online via this page, via our phone number (01422 363 525) or in one of our branches. 

When you call us, we can reserve the item for collection at your local store or arrange delivery to your home. What ever is best for you!

Price promise terms and conditions

  1. We'll match our competitor’s store or website UK price.
  2. The competitor’s product must be brand new, identical to ours, and offered on the same terms.
  3. We and the competitor must have stock ready for delivery.
  4. We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock position.
  5. We’ll match the price of a product; not delivery charges or other services.
  6. We do not price match Ebay or Amazon Sellers.
  7. Cannot be used with any other offer.
  8. Our price match applies up to 7 days after purchase. Proof of purchase will be required, without exception.
  9. Please note that we reserve the right not to uphold our price match.