The Light Shade Studio

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The_Lights_hade_StudioOur shades are lovingly and individually crafted by hand in our UK workshop using traditional hand finishing techniques. The colour palette includes an extensive choice of stunning, on trend colours from neutral tones to bold citrus brights. 

Shades are made using a natural hand woven 100% silk dupion, a highly lustrous fabric characterised by an irregular texture or ‘slub’, which gives a crisp feel and incredible sheen. The fabric is adhered to the shade lining material using a machine lamination process. This enables the silk to form a secure backing and avoids bubbling or lifting, which can occur when fabric is laminated by hand. 

Each shade is created with a sharp rolled edge finish which beautifully compliments the aesthetic designs. 

For a truly personalised product, shades can be customised by teaming contrasting silk fabric colours or with a metallic laminate lining.