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Over recent months we have been undergoing something of a quiet evolution, whilst sticking to the core values that have made us different and continue to make us different today…

Our unique approach to business, working in real partnership with our customers, continues to drive our success – a success that we share with those same customers.

All of our product and service areas are backed by professional customer service, the extensive knowledge and expertise of our team, competitive pricing and a comprehensive range of stock.

So what makes us different?

Uniquely, we do not see a customer relationship as just a means to sell more products or services, but as something of a “partnership”, where we work with you to really deliver what you want from a Lighting Supplier.

Whilst this may sound grand, the reality is that it is this Ethos that continues to be the biggest single factor in our on-going success, a success that dates back through the history of the firm some 60 years. We bring all of that combined team knowledge and experience to our customer relationships to ensure that we really deliver for you!

Set us the challenge of meeting your supply requirements today, tomorrow and into the future……

Give us a call on 01422 363525

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